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Clock Terminators Eliminate Reflections

For applications involving high-frequency clock signals, the CTA and CTX series clock terminator networks claim to eliminate signal overshoot and undershoot and signal reflections. Incorporating EMI/RFI attenuation, both series have a resistance range from 10½ to 1 M½ and a capacitance range from 10 pF to 220 pF. Standard resistance tolerances are ±5% and ±2% with a capacitance tolerance of ±20%. These components are said to be suitable for use in low-pass filters, as well as clock-termination and EMI/RFI-attenuation applications. Targeted applications include EMI/RFI attenuation and for use in low-pass filters. For further information and prices, call Dawn McGriff at KOA SPEER ELECTRONICS, INC., Bradford, PA. (814) 362-5536, ext. 226.

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