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Clock/Calendar And Digital Thermometer Melded On Single Chip

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Touted as the first digital system component to incorporate a direct-to-digital temperature sensor and a real-time clock and Y2K-correct calendar on a single chip, the DS1629 provides digital accuracy and programmability for both time and temperature while reducing the number and size of components. The digital thermometer is said to be accurate to ±2°C with 9-bit readouts in increments of 0.5°C. The user can even fine-tune a thermostatic response for extra-sensitive applications, yielding 13-bit readouts in increments of 0.03125°C. The real-time clock/calendar counts time from seconds through years, with leap year compensation through 2100.For timed and/or thermostatic interrupt functions, the chip has open-drain alarm outputs that activate at user-defined setpoints. An additional 32 bytes of memory are available as a notebook for general user data. The chip is packaged in a 150-mil SO-8 package.

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