Wireless Systems Design

Co-Verification Tool Gains Analysis

One of the important elements of a system-level design methodology is the co-verification of both hardware and software subsystems. The goal of Mentor Graphics' latest version of Seamless is to address this challenge. This version even goes one step further by incorporating system-performance analysis capabilities. Accurate hardware/software co-verification requires a significant amount of system knowledge and data. This information can be leveraged to characterize and improve system-performance bottlenecks. By using the performance data gleaned from Seamless Version 5, designers should be able to optimize their systems. Essentially, they can tune their designs to meet performance metrics while verifying hardware and software interfaces in a single environment.

The Seamless Version 5 product is available now on Solaris, HP/UX, and RedHat Linux platforms. It is included as a maintenance upgrade for current Seamless licensees at no additional cost. For new licensees, pricing starts at $40,000.

Mentor Graphics, 8005 S.W.
Boeckman Rd., Wilsonville, OR 97070-7777; (800) 547-3000, www.mentor.com.

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