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Coax Adapters Permit Standard Connectors To Disconnect Quickly

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The RF Coaxial Adapters are designed to convert between series and in-series gender-changed standard connectors into quick disconnect types. The adapters can solve interface problems such as compatibility between large-to-small series connectors and incompatible plugs, jacks and receptacles. Applications include common interfaces, hardware transitions, changing cable run direction and size, and converting standard connectors into quick disconnect types. RF Coaxial Adapters can include LC-to-N, LC-to-QDS, QDM-to-N, QDM-to-BNC and many other combinations. Materials, back-end plating, insulators, and gaskets can be specified, and standard tooling is available for more than 100 types of connectors with interfaces per MIL-C-39012 and MIL-STD-348.

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