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Coax Assemblies Have 50 ohm To 75 ohm Impedances From 0 To 18 GHz

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Featuring flexible and semi-rigid RF coaxial cables in lengths up to 150 feet, Custom Cable Assemblies can be equipped with a wide variety of connectors to eliminate the need for adapters. Made to specification, the cables range from 0.110" to 1.20" in diameter and can be mated with 7-16, C, EIA, HN, LC/LT, QDL, QDS, SC, and other connectors. The cables let users solve equipment compatibility problems, smooth out cable runs, and deal with space constraints by use of straight-through or right-angle designs. Assemblies can be designed with 50 ohm to 75 ohm impedance to operate from 0 to 18 GHz. The connectors are made from brass, bronze alloy, BeCu, and other materials with insulation, gaskets and finishes to military and commercial specifications.

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