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Coaxial Transmission Lines Meet Lightweight Interconnect Needs

The Cellflex Lite series of corrugated aluminum coaxial transmission lines has been expanded to cover all popular sizes and applications, centering on the links between RF base stations and antennas. The latest additions include the 0.5” LCF12-50JL, the 1.25” LCFS114-50JL, and the ultra-flexible 1.25” UCF114-50JL. Applicable in a number of 3G and 2G wireless scenarios as well as LTE scenarios, the Cellflex Lite products are complemented by the company’s range of accessories that encompasses connectors and grounding kits. This ensures that there is no risk of field errors during installation and helps reduce required inventory levels. Cellflex Lite products feature a foam-dielectric corrugated coaxial cable with an aluminum outer conductor and a copper inner conductor. Products are available in low-loss varieties in diameters from 0.5” to 1.625” and in ultra-flexible versions with diameters of 0.875” and 1.25”. RADIO FREQUENCY SYSTEMS, Meriden, CT. (800) 321-4700.


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