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Code-Synthesis Tool Targets Multiple Languages

Mixing programming languages like Java and C++ is common with embedded systems. But sharing interfaces and objects between environments or systems can wreak havoc on project productivity, maintenance, and manageability. Cleanscape's SourceMill code-synthesis tool facilitates rapid development by using template files to indicate how object definitions are converted into source code.

SourceMill's code generation is useful in single-language development environments as well. Its object definition language improves on object support in the target programming language.

This tool has its own object definition format. Yet it also can generate source files for most popular languages out of the box, such as Ada, C, Java, Rogue Wave Template classes, SQL, Smalltalk, and various flavors of C++. Custom templates can be created and used to generate source files for company-specific information like copyrights .

SourceMill is available for purchase on Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000, in addition to Unix and Linux. Its software includes the SourceMill code-synthesis engine, sample and production templates and object models, and utilities for generating and modifying object models and templates. A single-user license costs $1290.

Cleanscape Software International Inc., 2231 Mora Dr., Ste. E, Mountain View, CA 94040; (650) 864-9500; fax (650) 864-9500; www.cleanscape.net.

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