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Color Image Sensors Suit Digital Camera Applications

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Designed for use in a broad range of still-image and video digital cameras, the Bi8602 color image sensor features a 300 k-pixel resolution. It is a 1/3" progressive-scanning sensor that is said to offer high sensitivity, a high dynamic range, low fixed-pattern noise (FPN), and low dark currents while achieving high color fidelity through the use of RGB primary-color mosaic filters. This single-chip CMOS device integrates correlated double sampling (CDS), 10-bit a/d conversion, timing and scanning circuits, programmable gain, windowing, and exposure control. Three additional devices will be available: theBi6612 8-bit, 1/5" digital CIF, Bi8802 10-bit digital 800 k-pixel XGA, and the Bi8801 10-bit digital megapixel device. All devices in the line will be packaged in a 48-pin PLCC or CLCC except for the Bi6612 that will be in a 36-pin LCC. The Bi8602 is available now and is priced at $14.95 each/1,000.

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