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Comm Cards Support RS-485 or RS–422

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The PCI-COM-4xx/4 series four-channel asynchronous serial communications cards support either RS-485 or RS-422 communications and include a choice of two I/O connection schemes. Mounting brackets for the PCI-COM-485/4 and -422/4 have a male DB-25 connector to which is attached four 36" breakout cables terminating in female DB-9 connectors. The PCI-COM-485/4S1 and 422/4S1 include twin 9-pin male D-subminiature connectors on the mounting bracket and a separate two-port mounting bracket with ribbon cables for connection to headers on the card. Other features include a selectable transfer rate up to 115.2 kb/s. The PCI-COM-485/4 or 422/4 with breakout cables and software cost $350 and the PCI-COM-485/4S1 or 422/4S1 with extra two-port connector bracket and software costs $312. Delivery is from stock to one week ARO.

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