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Compact Capacitance Meter Is Fast And Accurate

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Designed to address the need of capacitor manufacturers for testing greater numbers of devices in less time with improved accuracy, the 4288A capacitance meter is for high-speed testing of ceramic capacitors on the production line. In addition to reducing test time by an estimated 30% over the 4278A, the new instrument increases basic capacitance measurement accuracy to 0.07% at both 1 kHz and 1 MHz measurement frequencies.
It requires only a three-quarter-rack space, weighs just 3 kg, and consumes typically half the power of the 4278A. It provides simultaneous testing on up to 64 channels, supports all of the parts handlers used by capacitor manufacturers, and employs the latest SCPI commands for programming. Standard features include software-selectable frequency shifts of 2%, 1%, -1% and GPIB, and handler and scanner interfaces. Up to 10 test setups can be stored in EEPROM. Pricing for the 1 kHz/1 MHz instrument is $9,900.

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