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Compact Power Entry Module Hosts A Bevy Of Functions

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The new GRM Series of power entry modules incorporates up to seven different functions in a single package. Each module includes the same basic features, namely IEC-appliance inlet, on/off switch and rear insulation cover. Add-on features include optional 1- or 2-pole fuse clips, voltage selector, EMI shield with additional ground terminal lug, and RFI filter. The units are just 26 mm deep (including optional filter), which is said to be approximately 40% less behind-the-panel depth than conventional units.
The most basic unit, the GRM1, comes without EMI shield and RFI filter and is for use with custom EMC solutions. The GRM2 and GRM4 provide protection against radiated emissions with a unique metal shield located between the inlet and panel opening. Their flexible steel contact points make continuous contact with the chassis to reinforce the ground connection. The GRM4 filter design provides optimal attenuation of line-conducted interference, the company claims. Designed for a maximum 10A/250 Vac, pricing starts at about $12.31 each/100.

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