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Comparator Guarantees 1.8-ns Signal Propagation Delay

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The combination of drive capability for 50 ohm terminated transmission lines and complementary ECL output logic make these comparators ideal for a variety of high-speed applications in the communications and instrumentation markets. The MAX9691/92/93 are ultra-fast comparators with guaranteed 1.8-ns signal propagation delay. They operate from a split supply voltage of +5.0V and -5.2V. And their complementary output signals are matched to within 100 ps. In the MAX9692 single-channel and the MAX9693 dual-channel comparators, a latch-enable function is included to allow each comparator to be used in a sample-hold mode. When LE is ECL high, the comparators function normally. The latch setup time is 0.5 ns. The single comparator MAX9691 chip is offered without the latch-enable function. As regards housing for the comparators, the MAX9691 is offered in space-saving 8-pin µMAX packages while the MAX9692 and MAX9693 are available in the 10-pin µMAX and QSOP packages, respectively. All three devices are also offered in standard SO and PDIP packages. Prices start from $2.49.

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