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Complete AM Transmitter Housed In Miniature Hybrids

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Serving to simplify the design and reduce the component count of wireless datacomm products, the AMRT4 and AMRT5 series of thick-film hybrid devices implement an entire AM transmitter in a compact package. The devices, which measure 0.70" x 040" DIL (AMRT4) or SIL (AMRT5) are geared to such applications as security systems, car alarms and data capture equipment.
The devices are available for use at 315, 418 or 433.92 MHz and can transmit data at speeds of up to 4 kHz over distances of 230'. Data can be provided to the transmitter directly from a microcontroller, encoder, or any other CMOS/TTL source. The AM transmitters can work with voltages ranging from 2V-24V, dissipate only 4 mA, have no adjustable components, and are said to provide reliable operation and stable operating frequencies. Prices of the AMRT4/5 hybrid modules start at $10 each. And a line of complementary AM receiver modules are also available.

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