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Component Analyzers Deliver Leading-Edge Capabilities

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Designed to provide complete characterization of any component, the 6430A and 6440A component analyzers provide a full complement of measurement functions, a wide frequency range, and the ability to graph measurement parameters in real-time versus frequency. Both instruments have a basic accuracy of 0.02% and come with measurement functions that include C, L, Z, Y, X, B, Rac, Rdc, G, Q, D, and resonant frequency. For capacitor testing, in which dissipation factor measurements are critical, the instruments provide high-resolution measurements.
The 6440A can characterize components graphically to 3 MHz and provide real-time graphical sweep on all functions. Both instruments feature large LCDs and an intuitive user interface, and can take up to 20 measurements per second in a production environment. According to the company, these instruments are equipped with more features, more frequency, more functionality, and more accuracy than comparable, competitive units.

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