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Connector Passes Rambus RIMM Validation Test

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The firm’s RIMM connector for Rambus memory modules is said to be currently the only connector on the market to be fully compliant with Rambus specifications for use with the RIMM module. With PC bus speeds on the rise, the validation procedures established by Rambus for the RIMM connector take on increasing gravity. The procedures provide a baseline for a memory connector with controlled impedance and enable both mechanical and electrical criteria to be achieved in a cost-effective manner.The RIMM connector is a through-hole, vertical connector that accommodates the Rambus 1-mm RIMM pitch. It also accommodates all Rambus mechanical specifications while also meeting impedance requirements for capacitance and inductance, which allow for transmission of data on the high-speed Rambus memory bus.Units are offered with four different leg lengths (0.091", 0.110", 0.122" and 0.154") and accept 184-pin RIMM modules.

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