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Connector Provides Digital Visual Interface

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Conforming to Digital Display Working Group DVI standards, the DVI connector is designed to help OEMs achieve clearer and better computer images. The interconnect is available as a right-angle socket for both digital and digital/analog applications and has a tin-plated steel shell, a glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic body, and 30-µm gold-plated copper alloy contacts. Other features of the connector include current rating of 1.5A (min.), voltage rating of 40 Vdc, and withstanding voltage of 500 Vac for one minute. The new DVI connector is also reflow compatible, comes in black or white colors, and meets CSA/C/US Certified File No. LR78160 specs. Price of Model KVI-DA29S-N-W30 is $1.42 each/5K.

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