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Connector System Aims At SCSI And Fibre Channel Applications

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Introduced as an extension of the company's har-mik product line, the SCA 2 connector system for SCSI and Fibre Channel applications is a blind-mate, half-pitch interconnect system that eliminates the need for multiple connectors on devices such as hard-disk drives. This is achieved by incorporating both power-signal and ground contacts in one housing. Being most useful in mass-storage systems where hot swapping is required, the sequential mating allows for plugging and unplugging devices without powering down the host system.The SCA 2 systems meet both the SFF 8451 and EIA-3651 standards. The systems are available in 40 positions (2 x 2) for Fibre Channel devices and 80 positions (2 x 40) for 8-bit, 16-bit, and 3.5-in. SCSI drives. Two types of plugs, center straddled or shifted with a 0.9-mm offset, are available.

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