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Connector System Handles High Currents

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The new JFA connector system reportedly withstands all the rigors of I/O and power connections for home appliances, factory automation equipment, and other heavy-duty electrical systems requiring a current rating of up to 10.5A ac/dc. The system, represented by the 320 and 310 Series, consists of wire-to-wire, wire-to-PCB, and wire-to-panel connectors in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. The 320 Series is on 5.08 mm centers with a voltage rating of 600 Vac and a dielectric withstanding rating of 2,200 Vac/minute. The 310 Series is on a 3.81 mm pitch, with a voltage rating of 250 Vac and a dielectric withstanding voltage of 1,500 Vac/minute. The 320 Series offers connectors with 2 to 12 positions, while the 310 Series offers them in 3 to 20 positions. JST CORP., Waukegan, IL. (800) 947-1110.

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