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Connector Uses Profibus PA Open Fieldbus Standard

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Touted as the first device of its type for process automation applications using the Profibus PA open fieldbus standard, the PA-T connector is designed for a broad spectrum of applications, including hazardous or harsh environments in the chemicals, raw materials and food industries. The connector features standard cable glands that allow standard Profibus cables to be easily and quickly connected. The device has a removable front panel to further facilitate connections. It also features as an accessory a disconnect adaptor that can be integrated into a Profibus PA device. This enables the user to quickly and easily disconnect the device from the Profibus PA network, interrupting the operation of the fieldbus. The connector is available in several versions, including a standard application model that includes a pressure compensation element and an external grounding terminal. A second version offers over-voltage protection, while the Profibus PA-T Connector EEx version is designed for applications in hazardous industrial areas where only intrinsically safe electrical circuits are permissible.

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