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Connectors/Bulkheads Fit Wide Range Of Audio Products

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A new line of BNC cable connectors and bulkhead jacks are now available for audio applications. The BNC 75 cable connector series offers a push-pull version that claims to make assembly quick and simple and requires only a standard center contact crimp die after cable preparation. It also features screw-lock cable retention with pull strength provided by the jacket. Accessories include color-coded boots in standard resistor colors and three transparent colors. A rear-twist version comes with a rear-twist principle that locks and unlocks via the soft touch boot. Screen and jacket crimp technology prevents the problem of an exposed grounding braid on cable assemblies. Accessories here include color-coded boots in standard resistor colors, crimp tools, and dies. The BNC 75 ohm impedance bulkhead feed-through jacks are either grounded or isolated. The recessed versions are available in nickel or black housings and fit in the standard D-series cutout. The bulkhead family features electrical performance to 3 GHz, 75 ohm impedance, return loss/VSWR data, a stainless-steel plated ground contact, and gold plated center contacts.

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