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Consumer Clocks Target DVDs And MiniDiscs

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Said to be the first consumer clock family designed for DVDs, MiniDiscs, and digital cameras, the SG587, C6006 and C6007 clock generators are completely integrated clock circuits that replace discrete circuits made from capacitors. The SG587 is designed for digital cameras and other video products. Said to be an industry first, the chip's output pin is programmable to either NTSC or PAL frequencies. The C6006 is used in MiniDisc systems and requires no external parts except a 16.9344-MHz crystal to produce a 90.3168 or 45.1584 MHz signal. For DVD products, the C6007 reduces playback noise by using three independent clock outputs. Each output operates at 33.8688 MHz and employs an independent drive circuit. Prices for the SG587, C6006 and C6007 are $0.95, $1.06 and $1.15, respectively, each/1,000.

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