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Control Cable Meets Field Wiring Needs

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With two to 19 conductors in shielded and non-shielded styles, reelfast control cable is available in 30-, 100- or 200-meter lengths shipped in a convenient self-feed package and suitable for retro-fitting and new installation wiring in a variety of industries. Styles include: unshielded, braided shield and foil shield with drain wire with PVC or PUR jacketing. Outer diameters are 3.2 to 13.7 mm. The PVC jacket offers superior flame, oil, and moisture resistance, and the PUR jacket offers superior abrasion and tear resistance and is highly resistant to UV degradation, fungus, oils, and solvents. Foil shield with drain wire cables feature an aluminized polyester shield, terminated by the drain wire, for reduced EMI/RFI. The reelfast power-limited tray cables, PLTC/FT4, are low impedance instrument cables with a PVC jacket and insulation.

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