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Cooling Product Lines Undergo Expansion

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The company has expanded its ac centrifugal blower, dc cross fan, and thermostat product lines. First, the MB series ac centrifugal blowers are available in two three-phase, 220V to 230V models: the MB810-T with a maximum airflow of 56.5 cfm at 2,800 rpm, and the MB1225-T delivering 155 cfm at 2,850 rpm, both depending on input voltage.Adding to the MBD series dc centrifugal blowers are the 24V MBD8-24A and MBD10-24A and the 28V MBD8-48 and MBD10-48. Depending on size, they are capable of airflows from 51.2 cfm at 2,600 rpm to 69 cfm at 2,400 rpm. In addition, the AM1 thermostat has been introduced for use with the companyÕs Motor AC axial flow fans. ORIENTAL MOTOR USA CORP., Torrance, CA. (800) 406-7484, ext. 823.

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