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Copolymers Take On The Most Demanding Apps

Copolymers Take On The Most Demanding Apps

Lexan XHT clear, high-temperature polycarbonate (PC) copolymers, a family of advanced PC resins, features a unique polymer chemistry with an optimal balance of high heat resistance and high flow, enabling it to offer greater design options for molding thin-wall parts such as medical devices and electrical fuses. Compared to similar high-heat materials, reported advantages include lower color shift on ultraviolet weathering versus PAR, better color stability under heat aging versus HHPC, improved tensile and impact strength retention after heat aging versus HHPC, better resistance to cracks and haze after metallization than HHPC, improved flame retardancy versus PC, PMMI, and HHPC, and compliance with eco protocols and UL94 capability down to V0 at 1 mm and 5 VA at 3 mm in clear and opaque colors. Automotive applications include bezels, reflectors, and lens covers where they enable direct metallization, which eliminates the costs and environmental impact from pre-coating the part with paint or lacquer. SABIC INNOVATIVE PLASTICS, Pittsfield, MA. (413) 448-7110.


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