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Copper Heat Sinks Keep SMDs Cool

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Designed to cool surface-mount devices (SMDs) dissipating high heat loads, as well as those featuring small and focused heat sources, the UltraCool IV line of copper heatsinks employ pin fins with low thermal resistances per given volume. Due to their copper properties, the pin fins are able to spread heat very quickly along the base.Standard heatsinks range in footprint from 0.25 in.2 to 2.5 in.2 and in overall height from 0.15" to 1.3". Pin diameters range from 0.06" to 0.125". Other features include: oxygen-free copper, which provides a thermal conductivity premium of 100% over pure aluminum, and effective cooling with slow and moderate airflows of 100 to 400 lfm. The heatsinks are available with a spring clip that accommodates various device packages. COOL INNOVATIONS INC., Ontario, Canada. (905) 760-1992.

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