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Cord Connector Hot Swaps Power Supplies And Streamlines Wiring To Backplanes

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A new inlet/outlet cord connector is said to provide for easy hot swapping of power supplies to a backplane or rear of an enclosure. Model 4730 cord connector with IEC C20 inlet on one side and IEC outlet on the other obviates the need to unplug the supply to change it. The power cord remains in place while the supplies are being swapped. In addition, the module can be inverted and used to fit a male or female connection on either side, depending on the configuration. Since it is a single piece, the module requires no soldering or riveting, but is instead screw mounted onto the backplane or enclosure for stability. The inlet/outlet module is cURus approved, 20A/250 Vac, and also TUV approved, 16A/250 Vac. The inlet conforms with IEC/EN 60320-1, while the outlet conforms with IEC/EN 60320-2-2: 1998/J/L. Pricing is $5.75 each/100. SCHURTER INC., Petaluma, CA. (800) 848-2600.

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