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Cordsets Tout Reduced EMI & RFI

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The latest additions to the eurofast line of cordsets are said to employ a superior shielding design that helps prevent sensitive components from false triggering due to electrical noise and transient voltages. The 4- and 5-pin RKS eurofast cordsets achieve lower EMI and RFI specs through use of an aluminized polyester shield terminated by a drain wire connected to the cordset coupling nut. The pin-less ground leaves the fourth or fifth pin available for I/O use. The firm also introduced 6- and 8-pin straight RKC style eurofast cordsets for use, for example, as alarm outputs, test inputs, and for handling multiple signals. All of the cordsets employ industry-standard M12 style connectors with gold-plated contacts and meet NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6 and IEC IP 68 seal ratings.

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