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Core Targets High-End Telecom & Datacom

Targeted for integration into high-end add/drop multiplexers and other telecom and datacom equipment is the S12FRPP, a high-speed ASIC core that provides both framing and pointer processing. It can interface to either an STS-12 signal or four STS-3 signals. It also provides transport overhead processing; scrambling and descrambling functions; and supports a high-speed control interface for configuration and monitoring. Similarly, the S48FRPI and S48CFRPI are claimed as the first high-speed SONET IP ASIC cores targeted for high-end routers and other telecom equipment. The S48FRPI supports STS-48c, or any valid combination of STS-12c, STS-3c, or STS-1c signals within an STS-48 SONET/SDH payload. The S48CFRPI supports STS-48c payloads. Both provide transport and path overhead monitoring, loopback capabilities, and selectable scrambling/descrambling functions.

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