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cPCI Backplane Pair Suited For High-Availability Telephony Applications

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Applying for high-availability telephony, datacomm, ISP, and wireless server applications, this pair of 6U, 16- and 14-slot CompactPCI backplanes include the H.110 telephony bus, accessed through J4 connectors on the backplane. Accommodating N+1 redundant power supplies, the backplanes are also equipped with either two or four P47 power connectors.
The 16-slot backplanes support the company's 3U 4HP-wide power supplies, which deliver up to 175W from the ac version and up to 100W from the 24 Vdc unit. The 14-slot backplane supports either 3U or 6U 8HP-wide modular supplies. And both backplanes make three slots in a 21-slot enclosure available for peripherals. In addition, both include a wide SCSI 68-pin connector located on the rear of the backplane. The 16-slot units cost $2,495 and the 14-slot models cost $2,295.

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