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Custom IC Management Gets A Lift From Tool Suite

Enhanced management of Cadence custom IC designs as well as support for Japanese-language design collaboration are the driving forces behind Developer Suite v3.3. This new version upgrades the Developer Suite, including its ProjectSync and DesignSync component tools, as well as role-specific variants such as the HLD, SOC, and Physical Developer Suites. The Physical Developer Suite, with its DesignSync DFII tool to manage Cadence design databases, contains enhanced user-interface features and customization capabilities. The extended interface supports comprehensive management of design hierarchies, sets of objects, and individual files. An improved library browser is included for greater flexibility in the selection of objects. The Physical Developer Suite is compatible with the 5.0 release of the Cadence CIC software. To push up the timetable for Japanese adoption, all ProjectSync interfaces and doc- umentation are now available in Japanese. The SOC Developer Suite's Hierarchical Configuration Manager (HCM) version 1.1 lets designers perform data management at the block level, not at the file level. The Developer Suite is supported on Solaris, HP-UX, Windows, RedHat Linux, and AIX. Developer Suite v3.3 is priced from $4500 per user, depending on configuration.

Synchronicity Inc. www.synchronicity.com; (508) 485-4122

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