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DAA Chip Seeks To Unseat Transformers

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By integrating a 1,500 VRMS isolation barrier between its line and modem side circuits, the Litelink II data access arrangement (DAA) chip can replace the magnetic transformers and various other discrete components commonly found in traditional DAAs. Among the discretes the IC can eliminate are optocouplers or high-voltage capacitors.
In addition to its two optically-isolated data transmission paths between line and modem side circuits, the 0.30" x 0.38" x 0.08", 32-pin Litelink II CPC5610 DAA also provides ac/dc line terminations, a two-to-four wire hybrid function, on/off-hook detection, caller ID, and half-wave ring detect circuitry—the SOIC is also available with full-wave ring detection (CPC5611A). The CPC5610 costs $2.79 each/25K.

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