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DAC Delivers Audio To USB Peripherals

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Designed for USB audio playback devices, the PCM2702 is claimed to be the highest performance USB d/a converter on the market. The device features a dynamic range of over 100 dB and a signal-to-noise ratio of 105 dB. A USB-compliant interface controller and a 24-bit delta-sigma audio d/a converter are integrated on a single chip. High-quality audio is said to be achieved by using the company's unique clock generation technique called sampling adaptive control tracking (SpAct) that generates a stable, low-jitter system clock from the USB interface audio-data stream. The device supports 48-, 44.1-, and 32-kHz sampling rates and accepts 16-bit stereo or mono audio data. Digital attenuation and soft-mute features are also included. Pricing is $5.45 each /1,000 with delivery from stock.

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