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DAC Preview: ESL

A number of electronic system-level (ESL) vendors will leverage DAC to launch upgrades of existing ESL tools, technologies, and platforms—as well as new products.

Users of VaST Systems’ CoMET SoC development environment can visit Booth 914 to see version 6.0 of the tools. The new release, which runs under both Windows and Linux, adds substantial new functionality. With CoMET, SoC designers can attack architecture design and optimization, as well as concurrent development of hardware and software.

Look for VaST in a Wednesday luncheon panel session titled, “Lessons From The Trenches: Real-World ESL Project Experiences.” It’ll be from noon to 2 pm on July 26 in rooms 228-230. Gary Smith, Gartner Dataquest’s senior EDA analyst and all-around EDA guru will moderate the panel.

If you’re interested in getting a high-level grasp on FPGA design and ASIC/SoC prototyping, visit Celoxica in booth 3951 for a demo of its Agility Compiler. Used for behavioral design and synthesis of SystemC models, the Agility Compiler can help transform early transaction-level models into working silicon. Celoxica has had a good number of real-world success stories with commercial products such as hybrid engines, “bomb-sniffing” technologies, and video/image processing applications.

For its part, The MathWorks will introduce technology involving key strategic partners in its model-based design efforts. The technologies encompass embedded and electronic-system design and verification and integrate with downstream tools for implementation. Take a look while at DAC in booth 1400.

For much more on ESL at DAC, check the July 6 issue and its full DAC preview at www.electronicdesign.com, ED Online 12493

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