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DACs Eliminate Power-Up Glitch

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Operating from a 3V or 5V supply and drawing only 350 µA (max.) of current, the MAX5170-MAX5177 serial-input/voltage-output, 12- and 14-bit D/A converters feature proprietary on-chip circuitry that’s reported to eliminate power-up glitch. The devices also guarantee monotonicity with ±1 LSB maximum differential non-linearity and ±1LSB integral non-linearity at 14-bit resolution. In addition, user-accessible inverting input and output allow specific gain configurations, remote sensing, and high-output drive capability for a range of force/sense applications. The chips come in 16-pin QSOPs, with the voltage output family represented by 12-bit MAX5174/5176 and 14-bit MAX5170/5172 and the force/sense family by 12-bit MAX5175/5177 and 14-bit MAX5171/5173.

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