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DC Blower Designed For Compact Cooling Needs

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Designed to overcome cooling system impedance caused by tight quarters, the Airbox dc blower is seen by the company as the solution to the growing challenge of effectively cooling ever-shrinking electronic products. The 5.3" x 5.3" x 1.35" blower provides high-pressure airflow within the tight spaces of such products as RAID drives, power supplies, and 1U rack-mounted equipment.Weighing just 19.3 oz., the Airbox delivers 30 cfm and a static pressure of 0.7" of water, while generating only 46.6 dBA of noise. The blower employs the companyÕs ThermaPro-V technology, which automatically adjusts the airflow based on current temperature needs. Also available is an automatic restart feature for resuming operation after a power failure or overheating. The unit has an operating temperature range of -10¡C to +70¡C and uses 24 Vdc. COMAIR ROTRON, San Diego, CA. (619) 661-6688.

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