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DC/DC Converter Exhibits Extended Trim Range

Employing synchronous rectification techniques, the new EXB50 high-efficiency, dual-output dc/dc converter module features an exceptionally wide trim range for each output. The half-brick converter has a typical efficiency of 89%, a power output rating of 50W continuous, and provides two independent positive outputsÑthese are nominally set to +3.3V or +5V prior to shipment to suit customersÕ requirements, but each output can be trimmed from 1.5V to 5.2V. This wide trim range gives system designers flexibility in power resource allocation, and should enable them to use a single module where they would previously have been forced to use two, the company says. The EXB50 can deliver up to 7.5A from either output and up to 10A in total, at temperatures of up to 70¡C using natural convection. With some forced air and/or reduced ambient temperatures, the EXB50 can deliver up to 7.5A from either output and up to 15A in total. A wide input voltage range of 36V to 75V dc makes the converter particularly suitable for use in systems employing a 48V distributed power architecture. The dc/dc converter is primarily intended for the networking, telecomm and wireless markets. Packaged as open-frame units, pricing is $79 each/1,000. ARTESYN TECHNOLOGIES, Boca Raton, FL. (800) 769-7274.

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