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DDR3 and DDR2 Memory IP Bolsters SoC Designs

A full range of DesignWare DDR intellectual property (IP) is available for systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) that require an interface to high-performance DDR3, DDR2, and DDR memory subsystems. The DesignWare DDR IP delivers memory system performance of up to 1600 Mbps, which is the maximum data rate of the JEDEC DDR3 specification. The IP includes configurable protocol and memory controllers, integrated mixed-signal PHYs including I/Os, and verification IP.

The comprehensive DesignWare DDR IP portfolio consists of three product lines including DDR3/2, DDR2/3-Lite and DDR2/DDR, all of which have been validated and fully characterized in Synopsys’ silicon test chips and which support two generations of DDR SDRAM:

  • The DDR3/2 IP meets the highest performance interfaces with operation at up to 1600 Mbps and offers a wealth of in-system calibration capabilities to ease implementation of the interface at higher data rates.
  • The DDR2/3-Lite IP is area- and feature-optimized IP operating at up to 1066 Mbps using DDR2 or DDR3 SDRAMs. The DDR2/3-Lite IP is suited for SoCs that initially target DDR2 SDRAMs, and has the option of migrating to DDR3 when it becomes more cost effective without the need to modify the current SoC design.
  • The DDR2/DDR IP operates at speeds up to 1066 Mbps and is available in leading 130-nm, 90-nm, and 65-nm process technologies.

The DesignWare DDR IP provides designers with the flexibility to interface to DRAM components or dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) including support for write/read leveling as required with DDR3 DIMMs. To further configure a memory interface that is unique to each SoC, the DesignWare DDR IP permits customization of DRAM interface width, number of DRAM ranks, power I/O to signal I/O ratios, and flexible I/O placement as required by the SoC package.

Each of the three DesignWare DDR IP product lines consists of a complete suite of IP, including configurable memory and protocol controllers, integrated PHY, and verification IP. Unlike other DDR controller offerings, Synopsys provides designers with a choice of two digital controllers. The DesignWare DDR memory controllers support up to 32 on-chip application buses, quality of service (QoS)-based arbitration and optimized memory transaction scheduling.

Meanwhile, the DesignWare DDR protocol controllers provide efficient DDR control and protocol translation, allowing customers to implement their own optimized custom memory scheduler. Complementing the digital controllers are the integrated, hardened PHYs, which include the application-specific I/Os, DLLs, PLLs and other PHY logic, significantly easing timing closure in the SoC design flow and within the timing budget for the overall DRAM interface.

The DesignWare DDR3/2, DDR2/3-Lite and DDR2/DDR IP is available now. The DDR PHY IP is available in leading 130-nm, 90-nm, and 65-nm process technologies. Contact Synopsys directly for licensing information.


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