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Debugger Adds Automation Modules

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Version 4.3 of the Debussy debugger is now available, as are three new Debussy modules: nDetect for automatic X-state detection, nTime for standard delay format (SDF) back annotation, and nCompare for intelligent comparisons. The debugger and its debugging modules reduce design time by improving the design debugging process for HDL designers working at the gate level, RTL, or behavioral level. The tool helps pinpoint the cause of a design problem and provides better views of the designer’s intent. Its modules plug into the industry’s popular design flows, including those from Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor Graphics’ Model Technology.The latest Debussy version adds more automated debugging features. For example, nTrace now automatically extracts aliases and detects uninitialized storage elements. nSchema adds design intent clarity features, enabling users to control their schematic views by selecting the part of the design they wish to examine during debugging.

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