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Design Environment Integrates RF Simulation With Analog/Mixed Signal Design Flow

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A new RF design environment is expected to help design engineers shorten product development time, lower design costs, and focus more on creating innovative communications products. A fusion of technologies from two companies—Agilent Technologies and Cadence—the RF Design Environment (RFDE) tightly integrates Agilent’s RF simulation technologies into Cadence’s analog/mixed signal design flow framework. This combination is expected to reduce the development time required for large-scale RF/mixed-signal ICs used in wireless and wireline appliances. RFDE is also the first step toward a unified simulation environment that covers both frequency-domain and time-domain simulations, giving users the ability to perform cross-domain verification with both Agilent’s frequency-domain simulators and Cadence’s time-domain Spectre RF product. Price for the RFDE begins around $24,100 for a 12-month subscription. It is expected to be available in October, exclusively from Agilent. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Palo Alto, CA. (650) 752-5000.

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