Electronic Design

Design Kits Simplify Creation Of Flex Circuits

The Flex Circuit Design Kit offers tools and information to assist designers from inception to physical mockup in integrating different types of flex circuits into their projects (see the figure). The kit's Start-Up Guide provides details on the flex circuit process, including design guidelines, specifications, and manufacturing information, along with detailed illustrations and descriptive callouts. It includes instructions on how to build a flex circuit mockup and two sheets of 0.010-in. polyester film to make the mockup. The Design Kit Sample case contains over 25 actual pieces of raw material and finished flex circuits to help users understand how pieces of the finished product interact when stacked up.

A Reference Material CD features a compilation of technical documents and published articles written by the company's flex circuit experts. The kit also includes an offer for a free mechanical sample of the user's design with actual flex circuit stack-up materials. A mechanical sample will ensure that the flex circuit is the right size and shape and is properly constructed for its environmental interfaces. This will help avoid installation problems or latent mechanical issues that could cause failures. The Flex Circuit Design Kit is available now. It costs $189 with U.S. delivery.

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