Electronic Design

Design Verification System Debugs Millions Of Gates

In a single, scalable hardware and software environment, designers can verify from 2 million to 128 million ASIC gates using new models in the Palladium series of design verification systems. The latest configurations also support up to 64 Gbytes of memory and over 8000 physical I/Os for target system interfacing. Key to the system's cosimulation performance is a high-speed channel between the workstation and Palladium, which lowers interprocess latency and delivers 5× performance over the previous channel. Other new features include a standardized intellectual-property (IP) card form factor that interfaces physical IP cores within Palladium's IP chassis to designs for both simulation acceleration and in-circuit emulation. New configurations will be available in the third quarter of 2002 and can be obtained through the QuickCycles EXtended Access program, in which customers can have immediate remote access to company technology or on-site access on a pay-as-you-go basis. List prices start at $15,000/million gates/month. dm

www.quickturn.com; (408) 914-6000

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