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Development Chassis Based On PICMG 3.x

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Intended to demonstrate the feasibility and functionality of the emerging PICMG 3.x specification and based on preliminary drafts of the spec, the Advanced TCA represents a 19" rack-mount, 12U high x 400 mm deep development chassis that can hold 14 8U x 280-mm blades on 1.2" spacing. The rear of the unit can accept 6U x 70-mm I/O cards, with front or rear cooling achieved via two separate fan banks, each bank holding 3 x 100-cfm fans. Designed for redundant operation, one set of fans is located below the cards and one above to achieve a "push-pull" cooling system. The proposed layout of the high-speed (5 Gb/s) ZD connectors on a 6U backplane leaves the upper section of the backplane free for I/O considerations. The backplane also allows for 48 Vdc input from an external source to be distributed to the individual slot cards. For more information, contact ELMA ELECTRONIC INC., Fremont, CA. (510) 656-3400.

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