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Development Chassis Supports PICMG 2.16 Specs

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Helping to facilitate development of systems that must comply with the recently adopted PICMG 2.16 specs, a new development chassis comes equipped with Performance TechnologiesÕs IPnexus CPC4400 series of PICMG 2.16-compatible embedded Ethernet switches. The 9U chassis includes a 15-slot PICMG 2.16-compliant backplane with two standard fabric slots for redundant switch fabrics, 12 node slots, a node-enabled system slot, a H.110 bus and a dual power supply. Chassis configured without H.110 and with a system slot that is not a node slot are also available. For more information on the plug-and-play development platform, contact Genevieve Ruiz at APW ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS, Poway, CA. (858) 375-2323.

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