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Development Environment Supports Mixed C++ And HDL Test Benches

TestBencher Pro v8.0 adds support for mixed C++ and hardware description language (HDL) test benches using the open standard TestBuilder library. This library offers useful verification capabilities, including constrained random data generation, support for complex data structures, and temporal assertion checking. TestBencher Pro provides a graphical environment for rapidly generating system-level test benches composed of cycle-based or time-based bus functional models.

This tool generates all of the low-level transition code, verification code, sequence detection, error reporting, and file I/O code. Once TestBencher generates VHDL and Verilog test benches, they can be optionally linked to C++ code via the TestBuilder C++ library. TestBuilder also supplies an easier method for integrating C/C++ models into a test bench rather than using a "raw" PLI-based approach.

TestBencher Pro v8.0 is currently available on Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows. Pricing starts at $17,000.

www.syncad.com; (800) 804-7073

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