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Development System Perpetuates PC-Based Control

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The company's Ladder Logic Development System is said to make it easy for manufacturers and OEMs to realize the benefits of switching to PC-based control by using programming options familiar to PLC users. The system runs under HyperKernel, the company's real-time subsystem for Windows NT, and features an extensive instruction set built on IEC-61131 standards, and the ability to run ladder programs concurrently with programs written with the company's Visual Flowcharting Language. It is claimed that the system's logic capabilities make it easier for users to support legacy PLC systems while migrating to a more efficient, open-architecture control system. Several features designed to reduce programming and debugging time include the ability to build ladder diagrams visually with a Windows-based user interface and a color-coded, live debugger with high-speed watch windows along the with trace and data logging features. Other features include on-line changes, a common database, and support for common I/O networks.

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