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Device Modeling Package Helps IC Designers Lower Costs

In an effort to help IC designers lower manufacturing costs and bring their products to market faster, a new package for BSIM 3v3.2 model parameter extraction in HP's IC-CAP device modeling software has been developed. The software is said to offer exceptional flexibility and accuracy, and the IC-CAP interface provides an easy-to-use design environment. The BSIM3v3 modeling package offers a fast and accurate solution for modeling silicon MOS/CMOS ICs, which are in high demand for wireless applications. The software provides a flexible, user-configurable extraction strategy with automated measurements and pre-defined macros and setups. It encompasses all groups of BSIM3v3 parameters, including the DC I-V model; capacitance model (junction, intrinsic and extrinsic); temperature behavior; noise effects; and high-frequency modeling. It also offers fast and repeatable direct parameter extraction as well as scalable parameter extraction that down not require binning. Scalable parameter extraction provides a single set of parameters that fits all geometries. The package is available as part of HP IC-CAP Version 5.2 for UNIX system platforms from HP and Sun.

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