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Device Modeling Tools Aim At 0.13-μm Processes

A device modeling product, BSIMPro+, and a new version of RFPro for RF device modeling improve the accuracy of device models for very deep-submicron (0.13 µm and below) silicon processes, especially for wireless and networking applications.

BSIMPro+ extracts accurate circuit simulation models and calibrates models to silicon measurements. It offers the first commercially available model extraction for complete BSIM4 and BSIM SOI models, critical for very deep-submicron, RF applications, and other new silicon processes. BSIMPro+ lets designers get the most accurate design information for all terminal currents of a MOSFET, including increasingly important gate-leakage current. BSIMPro+ comes with measurement capabilities for leaky MOS capacitance and self-heating characterization. Both are crucial for accurate nanometer device modeling.

RFPro improves its RF modeling and silicon measurement capabilities for all active and passive devices. It integrates the dc to RF characterization and modeling of an RF-ready compact model, such as BSIM4, into one package.

BSIMPro+ and RFPro are shipping now. Both run on Windows NT and 2000. BSIMPro+ starts at $43,800 and RFPro starts at $60,000 for a one-year time-based license.

Celestry Design Technologies Inc.
(408) 451-1210; www.celestry.com

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