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DeviceNet Card Is In Compact/PCI Format

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A DeviceNet Pro interface card is now available in a CompactPCI format. CompactPCI is being adapted for embedded computer applications in the industrial automation and telecommunication industries. The DeviceNet Pro CompactPCI interface card is software-compatible with the firm’s other DeviceNet interface cards (PCI, ISA, PC/104, PCMCIA, STD32 and VME). It’s optimized for fast scan times on a DeviceNet network.The card, which carries part number 5136-DNP-CPCI, supports all standard DeviceNet baud rates of 125, 250 and 500 kbaud. It comes with software including a DeviceNet node commissioning tool and network diagnostic tools such as the DeviceNet Analyzer and Monitor for network debugging and an OPC server. Applications include PC control, operator interface and HMI, and I/O emulation.

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