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Differential Amps Are Low-Cost Alternatives

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Claiming to be a low-cost alternative to comparable existing products, the AD8131 and AD8132 differential amplifiers are said to be ideal for a variety of applications including wireless communications, video and instrumentation. Both devices are designed to drive high-speed and video signals over twisted-pair cables with low EMI emissions and are also said to be excellent drivers for 8- to 14-bit A/D converters. The AD8131 has a fixed gain of two, a full power bandwidth of 400 MHz, a slew rate of 2 kV/µs, and an SFDR of 94 dB at 5 MHz. The AD8132 has adjustable gain and feedback. The device operates with a full-power bandwidth at 350 MHz and has a slew rate of 1.2 kV/µs with an SFDR of 83 dB at 5 MHz. Both devices have a -70 dB output balance error. Pricing is $1.80 for the AD8131 and $1.65 for the AD8132 each/1000.

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