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Differential Pressure Sensors Are Accurate Over Wide Dynamic Range

The Nano-Air-Flow Differential Pressure Sensors incorporate a thermal anemometer element and CMOS analog conditioning circuitry with a micro-flow channel having very high flow impedance. The result is accurate sensing of low-differential pressures over a wide dynamic range, making the units suitable for medical respiratory and industrial HVAC applications. The flow-impedance is pre-defined at the die-level, requiring only 2.5 nl/s of air flow, which dramatically relaxes demands on subsequent packaging operations, resulting in a smaller, lower-cost solution. The CMOS die itself comprises the sensor element, amplification, and analog adjustability through the use of rejustors, enabling a near zero TC-span without digital compensation. Sensitivity is less than 0.1 Pascal (0.004 in. of H2O), which is ideal for detecting small changes in air flow for respiration and ventilation in medical applications, heating and cooling in industrial HVAC environments, and intrusion detection in secured environments. The MB-LPS-01 (for industrial/HVAC) and the MB-LPS2-01 (for medical/respiration) are priced below $10 in high volumes. MICROBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES INC., Montreal, Canada. (514) 938-8089.


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